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7" Vinyl single
Columbia DB8462

"Up The Clump " - Adge Cutler & The Wurzels
(Released: 23 August 1968)

A Side
Up The Clump (Adge Cutler)

B Side
Aloha, Severn Beach (Adge Cutler)

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Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

'Up The Clump' was probably the band's most upbeat single to date.. Adge's rock 'n' roll number, complete with Tommy Banner's Jerry Lee Lewis-style of piano playing - is not to be missed! This song was released on several subsequent albums. However - this single version is unique and comes complete with tijuana brass and an even more upbeat tempo!

'Aloha, Severn Beach' is a soothing little number penned by Adge. The single version, which hasn't appeared anywhere else, has a faster ending. Another version, which appeared on the 'Carry On Cutler' album and some compilations, slows up towards the end with unaccompanied harmonies.

The images above show the single in the original 'red' Columbia sleeve, the vinyl disc details and a 'demo' version of the disc produced for distribution to the radio and tv stations in the days leading up to the official release.

Band line-up (not credited on disc):

Adge Cutler          The Wurzels - Reg Quantrell, Tommy Banner, Henry Davis


Musical Direction: Henry Davis

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