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Unreleased CD

"Make Hay Not War" - The Wurzels
(Planned Release: 17 March 2003)

Make Hay Not War (Dead From The Waist Down)
in support of the anti-war movement

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Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

Following the release of Never Mind the Bullocks, Ere's The Wurzels in 2002, The Wurzels planned to release a third single off the album (two previous singles on the album 'Don't Look Back In Anger' and 'Come On Santa!' had been released prior to the album's release). They decided on the excellent recording of the Catonia song 'Make Hay Not War (Dead From The Waist Down)' - 'in support of the Anti-War Movement' according to the disc.

At the same time as the disc was due for release the USA and the UK were finally setting a deadline for an invasion of Iraq to bring about the downfall of Sadam Hussain: to prevent any political problems the release was pulled. So there never was a release of the single, but publicity CD versions had already been pressed and distributed to reviewers and radio stations. As a result this single is now very rare and highly collectable.

This single saw the first appearance of Jai Howe. Jai had recently replaced Dave Wintour. Although Jai had played with the band in the mid-eighties for a while this was his first appearance on a single release.

Band line-up (not credited on disc):

Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, Jai Howe, John Morgan

Production (not credited on disc):


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