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CD CIA013.
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"A Load More Bullocks" - The Wurzels
(Released: 28 June 2010)

1. Rockstar Kroeger/Kroeger/Peake/Adair
    Warner/Chappell North America
2. Up All Night Barlow/Owen/Orange/Donald/Norton Weaver
Universal Music Publishing/BMGSONY/ATV Music Publishing
EMI Music Publishing Ltd

3. Ruby Hodgson/Wilson/Baines/Rix/White
Imagem Songs Limited

4. Chelsea Dagger Lawler
EMI Music Publishing Ltd

5. Golden Brown Black/Burnel/Cornwell/Greenfield
EMI Songs Ltd/Complete Music Ltd

6. Go West Belolo/Morila/Willis
EMI Music Publishing Ltd

7. Sowing The Seeds Of Love Orzabal/Smith
EMI Virgin Music Ltd

8. Common People Banks/Cocker/Doyle/Mackey/Senior
Universal/Island Music Ltd

9. Sex Farm Guest/McKean/Reiner/Shearer
EMI Tunes Ltd

10. Ode To Adge Cutler Pete Budd
CIA Recordings

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Sleeve Notes:

The Wurzels - A Load More Bullocks - Now Thats What I Call 'Moo'sic
The Stunning Follow up to 'Never Mind The Bullocks'
100% More Bullocks!

Lead vocals & guitar by Pete Budd

Vocals & accordian by Tommy Banner

Guitars, banjos, ukeleles, tiples and Mongolian nose flute by Sedge Moore

Tubs tickled and thumped by Amos Morgan

Guitar on Golden Brown and dobro on Sex Farm by Bear Cat Phillips

Guitar solos on Up All Night and Go West by Clinton Charterhouse

'The Brassholes' feature Craig Goldsworthy and Ian Wilson

Backing vocals, squawks, whimpers, shouts, moo's, snorts, whinnies, quacks, clucks, barks, baa's and brays by John Monie, Scott 'Crackleberry' Biggs, Sharon 'Mendips' Mead, Ross 'On-the-Fosse' Harper, Sedge Moore, Lexy 'Long Load' Jones, Leanna 'Little Load' Jones, Louie Gribble, Spam the horse, Brian and Beanbag the cows, Cheryl the pig, Dot the duck, Shish the sheep and Sil Willcox.

Managment by Sil Willcox and Al Hale for Cruisin Music Management

Cover and Artwork by Phil Johnson

Recorded, produced, planted, nurtured, spread, grown and cut using comb and paper, tins of rice, bells, whistles, pots, pans, dustbin lids,spray, adhesive, duck whistles, jelly babies, door frames and mud in a pig sty on Charlton Farm Somerset somewhere in Somerset by Louie Nicastro

No Bullocks were harmed in the making of this record...

Band line-up:

Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan, Sedge Moore and Louie Nicastro


Producer:Louie Nicastro

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