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12" Vinyl LP - Starline SRS5119 Stereo
Cassette TC-EXE-131

- CD - CIA010 Absolute. (Digitally remastered) 2009


"Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee" - Adge Cutler and The Wurzels -
(Released: 1972)

Side 1
a. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play On) (Cutler) 1966
b. Don't Tell I, Tell 'Ee (Sheldon-Crozier) 1968
c. Oom Pah Pah (from 'Oliver')(Lionel Bart) 1969
d. Poor, Poor Farmer (Regan) 1971
e. Chitterling (Cutler) 1971
f. My Threshing Machine (New Lyric and adap. Detroit) 1967
g. I Wish I Was Back On The Farm (MacDougal) 1967

Side 2
a. The Wild West Show (New lric and adap. Barratt) 1967
b. I'd Love To Swim In The Zuider Zee (Stark-Christopher) 1972
c. Faggots Is The Stuff (Cutler) 1968
d. Virtute Et Industrial (Cutler) 1967
e. The Wurple-Diddle-I-Doo Song (The Village Band) (Fryberg-Kirsten) 1968
Drink Up Thy Zider (Play Off) (Cutler) 1966


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Sleeve Notes:

No sleeve notes

Band line-up:

Adge Cutler, Reg Quantrill , Tommy Banner and Tony Baylis.


Recording Produced by Bob Barratt

Front sleeve photo taken at the Black Horse, Clapton-in-Gordano, by courtesy of Mr Jack Clarke

Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

November 27th 2009 saw the release for the first time on CD of four of Adge Cutler’s original albums, including this one, and the Wurzels first solo album, making them all available as an exclusively licenced re-release with the original artwork and digitally re-mastered.It had taken several years of difficult planning and hard negotiating by Sil Willcox of Cruisin’ Music, close friend and manager of The Wurzels to reach this point. Although EMI had produced Adge Cutler’s third album in CD format back in 2003 they had showed no signs of intending to repeat this with anything else from the Wurzel back-catalogue; Sil, together with the Wurzels themselves, was keen to see that more of the band’s work was reproduced in this modern format!

Having obtained the copies of the original artwork Sil Willcox entrusted the task of digitally re-mastering the original vinyl LPs to Louie Nicastro: After many long sessions Louie produced a superb set of 5 CDs to allow Wurzel fans to be able to hear these iconic albums in high quality sound without the need for a record player! – much to the delight of many young fans who had never been able to hear these songs and the older fans who had lost their ability to play old vinyls!

The remastered CDs were released in stereo and the original sleeves and sleeve notes faithfully reproduced.

Additional credits on the re-releases were:

Digitally Remastered by Louie Nicastro
Sleeve reproduced by Phil Johnson
Managed by Sil Willcox at Cruisin' Music Management
Thanks to Al Hale, Jonathan Conibere & Marcus Tripp

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