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CD single
Recognition Records

"Come On Santa " -The Wurzels
(Released: December 16 2001)

1. Come On Santa! (Get Yer Act Together) Radio Edit
2.  Come On Santa! (Get Yer Act Together)
X-rated version
3.  Drink Up Thy Zider ( Cutler)

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Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

'Come On Santa! (Get Yer Act Together)' was issued as a single for the Christmas 2001 market. Not in the usual Wurzel style perhaps but this song certainly has that ‘Wurzel edge' to it – and depending on the sensitivity of your ears you have a choice of which version to listen to!
A fun song, also included on the 2002 ‘Bullocks' album – that should become a Christmas classic! The CD ends with a previously unreleased ‘live' version of ‘Drink Up Thy Cider'.

Band line-up (not credited on disc):

Tommy Banner, Pete Budd, John Morgan, Dave Wintour

Production (not credited on disc):

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