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CD single EMI Gold

"The Combine Harvestor - 2001 remix" - The Wurzels
(Released: 11 June 2001)

1.  Combine Harvester - 2001 remix
2.  The Blackbird (Budd/Banner/Baylis)
3.  Combine Harvester (original) (Safka/O'Shaughnessy)
Original No.1 Hit from 1976

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Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

The original 'Combine Harvester' track from the '70s was remixed by a young team of writers/producers for Rareboy Productions Ltd. The result was, and still is, incredible and the single marked the Wurzels return to the UK singles charts for the first time since the summer of 1977. The single stayed in the Top 60 for two weeks, peaking at number 39. The title song is now the established finale to the band's live shows.

Images above include the demo CD and sleeve note sent out to TV and radio stations prior to the official release.

Band line-up on original recording:

Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, Tony Baylis


Track 1 remixed by Humpafunk for Rareboy Productions Ltd. Mixed and Engineered by Ich Mowatt.

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