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12" Vinyl LP - EMI One-Up OU2138 stereo
Cassette tape TC-EXE-203


"The Combine Harvester" - The Wurzels
(Released: July 1976)

Side 1
1. The Blackbird (new music and lyric adaptation P Budd -
T Banner -T Baylis)
2. Somerset Born And Proud (Pete Budd)
3. Keep Yer 'And On Yer 'Alfpenny (Alex Glasgow)
4. Crabapple Hill (Sammy King)
5. Middle For Diddle (Kevin Sheldon-Adrian Beecham)

Side 2
1. The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key - Melanie Safka)
2. Let There Not Be Light (
Kevin Sheldon-Adrian Beecham)
3. Down In Nempnett Thrubwell (Davis-Adge Cutler)
4. Call Of The West
(Sammy King)
5. My Somerset Crumpet Horn (T Baylis - T Banner)

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Sleeve Notes:
Adge Cutler called at my office one sunny afternoon in June 1966, stoney broke but for some songs he had written. In the next couple of hours the idea of Adge Cutler and the Wurzels was conceived.

The next eight years are now history, but on May 6th 1974 Adge was tragically killed in a road accident.

It was felt there was no way could we replace a character like Adge so The Wurzels decided to continue on their own and develop a new act with some of the old format and plenty of their own new material, which I am very pleased to say is proving very successful as they work constantly all over the country in a wide variety of venues from the best cowsheds to top theatres.

The Wurzels, in case you don’t already know, are three very talented and funny young men on and off stage, and consist of:

Pete Budd, nicknamed Rose because of his surname. He sings and plays guitar and banjo Played for many years in a number of different bands before becoming a Wurzel. Spends ten per cent of his spare time catching fish and the other ninety per cent eating them.

Tommy Banner, who sings, plays accordion, organ and piano, and has been a Wurzel for nearly ten years. Plays most sports including football, tennis, squash and golf.

Tony Baylis, who sings, plays bass guitar and Sousaphone, and has been a Wurzel nearly as long as Tommy Enjoys selling and spends ninety per cent of his spare time catching lash and the other ten percent eating them. (Not as good a fisherman as Pete)

May I thank you for purchasing this album, as you have proved beyond doubt that The Wurzels made the right decision to continue, and I hope you will enjoy the songs and humour of The Wurzels for many years to come.

JOHN MILES     Personal Manager for THE WURZELS

Band line-up:

Band line-up: Tommy Banner (piano, organ, accordion, vocals), Tony Baylis (bass, bass guitar, sousaphone and vocals ) and Pete Budd (banjo, guitar and vocals).


Producer: Bob Barrett
Recording Engineer: Tony Clark
Assistant Engineer: Alan Rowse
Mastering at EMI's Abbey Road Studios by Harry Moss
Introduced by Mike Palmer
With thanks to Andy White (drummer), Dougie Wright (drummer) and The Keith Monk Sound for their support!

Front cover photo by Peter Vernon, taken at Failand Lodge Farm (courtesy of Mr Mervyn Down) "This picture was specially posed and should on no account be imitated"!

Sleeve Warning - 'For Adult Listeners Only!'

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