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HMV Easy 7243 5 32071 2 0


"The Wurzels Collection" - The Wurzels
(Released: April 9th 2001)

1. I Am A Cider Drinker (Bouwens/The Wurzels)
2. The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key) (Melanie Safka/Brendan O'Shaughnessy)
3. Drink Up Thy Zider (disco version) (Cutler)
4. The Blackbird  ( Budd/Banner/Baylis)
5. Drink, Drink Yer Zider Up (Greenaway/H Barter/R Barter)
6. One For The Bristol City (Fletcher/Flett/The Wurzels)
7. Cabot Song (Big 'Ead) (Christie/Lawrence)
8 .Look At 'Ee Lookin' At I (Cutler/Davies)
9. Captain Of A Dredger (Cutler/Davies)
10. Let There Not Be Light (Baylis/Banner)
11. My Somerset Crumpet Horn (Baylis/Banner)
12. Don Juan Of The West (Banner/Baylis)
13. Mevagissey (Budd)
14. Farmer Jonesie's Travellin' Disco Show (Moody)
15. Funky Farmyard (Baylis)
16. Wurzel Rock(Wurzelin' Time In Somerset) (David)
17. Give Me England! (Welch/Barrett)
18. Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)? (Mann/Goffin)
19. Ferry To Glastonbury (Thomas/Cutler)
20. Haggis Farewell (Banner)
21. Middle For Diddle (Sheldon/Beecham)
22. Pheasant Plucker's Son (Taylor)
23. Springtime (Banner/Baylis/Budd)
24. The Tractor Song (Pushbike Song) (I Jones/E Jones)

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Sleeve Notes:

Every decade sees a new sensation which shakes the world of popular music to its very foundations - in the 1950s it was rock 'n' roll and Elvis; the sixties brought the musical revolution led by the Beatles, culminating in flower power, psychedelic and the Summer of Love.

As for the 1970s, well, these days most of us remember glam rock and punk - but many people believe that these were mere passing fads compared to the musical phenomenon which hit the music scene in 1976: Wurzelmania!

The "Summer of Scrumpy" was accompanied by unprecedented scenes across England as 'cyderdelia" swept the country and spread further afield. The cause of all this was a record by three young men based in the West of England which shot to the top of the UK charts -Combine Harvester by The Wurzels.

Although their chart career was relatively brief - further big hits included I Am A Cider Drinker, also on this CD - The Wurzels have proved they were no flash in the pan. Still knocking 'em dead at gigs today, over 25 years on, the band have gained a whole new generation of fans among the younger age group.

As has happened to many other artists in recent years, The Wurzels have experienced a revival in their fortunes sparked off by that remarkable technological revolution the Internet. As a long-standing Wurzels' fan, I decided in 1998 to start an unofficial website (Wurzelmania!) devoted to the band, to see if I could contact any other Wurzelmaniacs out there. At the time I had no idea what the reaction would be - or indeed, if there would be any at all! But within a short space of time the website gained recognition as more and more Wurzels' fans contacted the site, desperate to know where they could get hold of the band's recordings, and demanding to know why this important chart-topping band had no material currently available on CD.

Fed-up with having to repeatedly tell these avid seekers of "Scrumpy & Western" music that no Wurzels' CD was available, I contacted EMI. The result of which was "The Finest 'Arvest Of The Wurzels" (EMI Gold 7243 5 27046 2 0), released in the summer of 2000.

The CD's sales not only took off in a way that surprised EMI, the fans and The Wurzels themselves, but also generated interest from the press, magazines and TV. Six months after its release, the CD was reported as outselling the newly-released Spice Girls' album in the Bristol area!

The CD you have in your hand (or in your player!) represents the next step in the great Wurzels revival! As well as many of their best-known songs such as Drink Up Thy Zider, One For The Bristol City, and Somerset Crumpet Horn, it contains several rare and sought-after gems, including Don Juan Of The West and Wurzel Rock.

The original Wurzels formed as backing group to the legendary Adge Cutler, who died in a motor accident at the peak of his stardom in 1974. The surviving Wurzels Tommy, Pete and Tony continued as the trio who recorded all the tracks on this album, going on to success Adge had only dreamt of.

A quarter of a century on, The Wurzels have become something of a cult among their new young fans and are more popular than ever today - as a bemused but pleased Tommy said recently on TV about the band's current popularity: "It's unbelievable - we never, ever got it like this when we were in the charts!"

Pete and Tommy have clocked up over sixty Wurzellin' years between them, and current band members John and Dave are no newcomers, either. In spite of their apparent lack of youth, anyone who has seen them will testify they are as lively as ever and put on an energetic show that many younger bands would find hard to emulate. Go and see them while you can - and here's hoping that 2001 will be The Year of the Wurzel!

Emeritus Professor of Wurzology, Nempnett Thrubwell Agricultural College

To find out everything you ever wanted to know about The Wurzels - and much more you didn't! - visit The Wurzels' "official non-official" Wurzelmania! website at

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