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- 12" Vinyl LP - Columbia Records SX6367 (mono) 1969
- 12" Vinyl LP - Columbia Records SCX6367 (stereo) 1969
- CD - CIA009 Absolute. (Digitally remastered) 2009

"Carry On Cutler " - Adge Cutler and The Wurzels -
Recorded 'Live' at the Webbington Country Club, Loxton, Zummerzet
(Released: 1969)

Side 1
1. Drink Up Thy Zider (Play On) (Cutler)
2. All Over Mendip
3. Down On The Farm (Whitcombe)
4. Folk Song (Dicks-Rudge)
5. Aloha, Severn Beach
6. Oom Pah Pah (from "Oliver") (Lionel Bart)
7. Harvest Of Love (Hill-Anthony)

Side 2
1. I Couldn't Spell !!**&@&**!! (Thompson)
2. Chewton Mendip Love-In (Whitehead-Gardner)
3. Saturday Night At The Crown (Henderson-Barratt)
4. Riley's Cow-Shed (Demerell-Hargreaves)
5. Ferry To Glastonbury (Cutler-Thomas)
6. Willie The Shake (New lyric and music adapt. - Cutler-Baylis-Banner-Quantrill)
7. Drink Up Thy Zider


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Sleeve Notes:

Try to imagine such songs as "I Belong to Glasgow" and "Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner" being sung in broad Somerset accents in various West Country pubs. These numbers are perhaps still providing the basis for a sing-song in some Somerset hostelries but it's now more than probable that ditties with a local flavour written by ADGE CUTLER are providing the musical accompaniment to the sounds of cider drinking.

Adge (whose first names are really Alan John) was born in the village of Portishead Somerset, but was brought up a few miles away in Nailsea. He left school at 14 and his first job was as a market gardener. Then he went into his father's bicycle shop before starting his National Service.

After coming out of the Forces, Adge had a number of jobs, including civil engineering, working at a cider works and at a North Wales nuclear power station, before joining Acker Bilk in 1960 as his road manager. He had known the bandleader for several years and often used to drive him and the other musicians to clubs in the area.

Spain was the next port of call for Adge after he had been with Acker for some time. He was sent there to investigate property in the country for future use as holiday areas. But because of a credit squeeze the idea was dropped and Adge returned after a year and stayed in London, taking up a fully showbusiness career.

He gave his first public performance when he was seven years old, at the village institute, Nailsea. He sang - "There will always be a Nailsea". Being a regular Saturday night drinker he later noticed that it was usually songs about London or Glasgow that were being sung in the bars and that there was nothing local to sing. He thought a good roaring pub song would be in order, so he wrote "Drink up thy Zider" about 11 years ago and the song just spread.

Appearances in the TWW television series "The Cider Apple" led to Adge's fame spreading and he formed “the Wurzels” to accompany him to clubs and theatres. They comprise Reg Quantrill (who plays banjo and guiter), Tommy Banner (accordion and piano). Tony Baylis (bass and sousaphone).

Adge and The Wurzels now travel to many parts of England playing and singing their West Country songs and have found that most local phrases are easily understood.

About his own views on folk music Adge says: "I suppose you can call the sort of music I write 'good-time' folk. I have hardly ever written a sad song. I write songs so that people can sing than. They have got to be simple for me to sing them!"

Ambitions for Adge: I'd like to have my own home in Somerset and one in Spain. The Spaniards seem to have the same attitude to life as West Country people - the easy-goingness and dry humour. Adge's hobby is collecting old vehicles and his collection includes; a 1934 Daimler Limousin; a 1936 Packard; a 1933 Invictor; a 1929 Manchester bus; a 1937 Bedford coach; a 1939 fire engine and a 1935 Albion lorry. As he lives in a flat in Bristol, Adge's garage-owner brother takes care of most of the vehicles.

Adge and The Wurzels play many dates in nightclubs, theatre, folkclubs, pubs., and Universities all over England, and their fame is spreading abroad; they have already received enquiries from Holland and Australia, This, their latest LP, was recorded at the Webbington Country Club (in the heart of the Mendips) and the White Buck Inn, Burley, in the New Forest - another centre of Wurzel-mania. And among it's unlikely contents you will find the saga of disgraceful (but imaginary) goings-on in a Chew Valley village; a travelogue of the exotic reaches of the Severn Estuary; the answer to Glastonbury's traffic problem; some startling, though probably mythical, revelations about the Bard of Avon, not to mention a new country-and- western song from the blue grass area of Lockleaze



Band line-up:

Adge Cutler, Reg Quantrill (guitar /banjo), Tommy Banner (accordion/piano) and Gaffer Baylis (bass/sousaphone).


Introduced by Tony Harding
Additional recording at the White Buck Inn, Burley, Hants.
Recording Engineer Peter Brown
Recording Produced by Bob Barratt 1969

Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

November 27th 2009 saw the release for the first time on CD of four of Adge Cutler’s original albums, including this one, and the Wurzels first solo album, making them all available as an exclusively licenced re-release with the original artwork and digitally re-mastered.It had taken several years of difficult planning and hard negotiating by Sil Willcox of Cruisin’ Music, close friend and manager of The Wurzels to reach this point. Although EMI had produced Adge Cutler’s third album in CD format back in 2003 they had showed no signs of intending to repeat this with anything else from the Wurzel back-catalogue; Sil, together with the Wurzels themselves, was keen to see that more of the band’s work was reproduced in this modern format!

Having obtained the copies of the original artwork Sil Willcox entrusted the task of digitally re-mastering the original vinyl LPs to Louie Nicastro: After many long sessions Louie produced a superb set of 5 CDs to allow Wurzel fans to be able to hear these iconic albums in high quality sound without the need for a record player! – much to the delight of many young fans who had never been able to hear these songs and the older fans who had lost their ability to play old vinyls!

The remastered CDs were released in stereo and the original sleeves and sleeve notes faithfully reproduced.

Additional credits on the re-releases were:

Digitally Remastered by Louie Nicastro
Sleeve reproduced by Phil Johnson
Managed by Sil Willcox at Cruisin' Music Management
Thanks to Al Hale, Jonathan Conibere & Marcus Tripp

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