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7" Vinyl single
Columbia DB8277

"All Over Mendip" - Adge Cutler & The Wurzels
(Released: 6 October 1967)

A Side
All Over Mendip (Adge Cutler)

B Side
My Threshing Machine (music and new lyrics adapt. Dwayne Detroit)

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Professor Wurzels' Disc Notes:

.Adge's fourth single contains two more enduring classic Wurzel songs! Although the 'a' side was included in the album 'Carry On Cutler' it is worth getting hold of a copy of the original single as it is a very different recording - probably an EMI studio recording from 1966. Brilliant!

The 'b' side song - 'Threshing Machine' - disappeared after this release and has since only cropped up on compilation albums. It is another classic Wurzel song and well worth a listen.

The images above show the single in the original 'green' Columbia sleeve, the vinyl disc details, and a factory sample' version of the disc produced to check on the manufacturing quality.

Band line-up (not credited on disc):

Adge Cutler for sure! The names of the others who appeared on this recording are lost in a haze of scrumpy, but in all probablility consisted of Reg Quantrell, Reg Chant and John Macey.

Production :

Producer: Bob Barratt

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