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"Ode To Adge" - The Wurzels
(Released: 30 November 2009)

1. Ode To Adge

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Professor Wurzel's Disc Notes:

"Ode To Adge” is a wonderful heart warming tribute to the farmyard four's founder, Adge Cutler. Adge, who was tragically killed in 1974, was and indeed still is the main inspiration that keeps the Wurzels entertaining us all and this new song has gentle overtones of Adge's ‘Twice Daily' and is interweaved with many of his well-known lyrics.

The narrative of Adge's life story is divided into segments by the lively and catchy chorus all carefully and lovingly written by the Wurzel's own Pete Budd and musically arranged by Cruisin' Music's Louie Nicastro.
The new single was a first for the Wurzels in that it was only available via internet download – now what would dear old Adge have made of that! He would probably have taken it in his stride; after all, he did advocate putting a Somerset man into space to join the space race back in 1967, stating that “we should keep up with all they modern things an' that!”

For some lucky fans a traditional CD version of this single can be found - a limited promo version for radio stations was sent out before the release date. It's worth getting your hands on a copy as not only does it have the 'standard' track (running at 4.59) but also has a 'radio edit' which comes in at 3.41

Band line-up (not credited on disc):

Pete Budd, Tommy Banner, John Morgan, Sedge Moore and Louie Nicastro


Producer:Louie Nicastro

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